Thursday, 19 January 2017

DIY Calendar

hello everyone,
happy new year !!!
its my first post for this year and i have a calendar to share with you all .... it has been created using bob n betty paper (coral cluster collection and there is a video attached showing how to make it ... :)

here is a video sharing the procedure for making it :) 

hope you all liked it :)

Saturday, 9 July 2016

baby album

hello everyone
i have a baby album to share with you all.. i made this using papericious its a boy pattern paper

i would like to enter into the June challenge June Challenge 
and for this challenge i have used more than one diecuts ( star border but baby embellishments made with die cute ...)
more than 2 pattern paper 
and more than 3 embellishments ( lace, flower, wooden. pearls ) 

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Pendant ugsing Mudra stamp

hello everyone
its my last post for lulupu .... feeling really emotional as it was my first DT and will always stay close to my heart... it was such a great learning experience for me i would like to thank Karuna for giving me this opportunity and believing in me
I have created a pendent using mudra stamps ... here is a sneak peek for u ...

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Beautiful Me

Hello everyone
( this was ment to be the first AWAM - Art With A Meaning post ... but i didnt have the confidence so I just saved the post- to read the first post click Here )
Hope you all are doing well
Today I have planned to start something new... I am generally a lazy person and really don't write much about my project....
But I have planned to make different stuff to reflect certain thoughts.... art with a meaning...
And usually we just look at things from surface level and do not bother to look deep into the hidden meaning of it....
I have not got a gift of gab but ya wanted to become a writer when I was in school ... I just wanted to express my thought to the world so today let’s start with this simple layout

Thursday, 9 June 2016

stop and smell the roses

hello everyone
today i have an art journal page to share .... soon will be uploading a video tutorial for the same 
i have made this journal page by fussy cutting flowers from Papericious pattern paper from the collection Infinity and gave it a  vintage look by transferring it on a old story book page  



Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Vintage Time Tag

hello everyone 
today i have this vintage tag to share with u guys ......

i have a series to tags that i am gonna share soon so this is #1st one

 here are a few pictures 

 This is also the first project for AWAM-" Art With A Meaning" series that i have planned so share.... when ever i make something there is usually a message behind it ....  though i am lazy and dont like writing a lot nor do i have a gift of gab but still will be sharing my thought behind my work


Thought of the Day - (general thought about time)  Now is the time or the time is now.... i believe in living every moment in life and doing what makes me happy.... it really annoys me when i hear people say " i dont have time".... so here is a short story i wanna share that once my teacher told me ....

One day, a professor , conducted an experiment called the jar of rocks.
From under the table that stood between the professor and the listeners, the professor pulled out a big glass jar and gently placed it in front of him. Next, he pulled out from under the table a bag of stones, each the size of a tennis ball, and placed the stones one by one in the jar. He did so until there was no room to add another stone in the jar. Lifting his gaze to the students, the professor asked, “Is the jar full?” The students replied, “Yes”.
The professor paused for a moment, and replied, “Really?”
Once again, he reached under the table and pulled out a bag full of pebbles. Carefully, the professor poured the pebbles in and slightly rattled the jar, allowing the pebbles to slip through the larger stones, until they settled at the bottom. Again, the professor lifted his gaze to his audience and asked, “Is the jar full?”
The students again replied, “Yes”. Now pulling out a bag of sand from under the table. Cautiously, the professor poured the sand into the jar. The sand filled up the spaces between the stones and the pebbles.

So in life we always have time to fit things that actually MATTER to us in .... basically we should stop giving excuse and pretending to be busy because if something matters to us and holds any importance in our life we will always manage our time for it .... and another lesson from this story is that the biggest stone in life are our family, health, goal, in other important things in life and the pebbles and sand are stuff that are lesser important to us... so we should fill our jar with the stones first or at the end there would be no space left for it... 
so we should not postpone sting to a latter day or time and also manage our time well


Tuesday, 10 May 2016


HELLO everyone 
today i am sharing a Sneak Peek of a Masculine Layout made using Papericious Pattern Paper - Natural 
here are a few pictures of my layout to see the full project with step by step tutorial click here

i would like to enter into Papericious Monthly Challenge - Anything Goes 
i have used the brick pattern paper from the Naturals Collection 

thank you for stopping by 
hope you liked my work